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Making of NexGen Saddle Pads

We offer the NexGen saddle pads directly from the nature i.e. right from the purchase of raw Latex Milk as input and giving the output as complete NexGen saddle Pads we have everything in-house.
We own a complete manufacturing plant of Latex Rubber Foam with a fully equipped testing lab to maintain the high standard of quality. We, by selecting the finest quality raw materials having quality certifications produce very superior and consistent quality of Latex Rubber, which helps us in maintaining the quality of our NexGen saddle pads.
Our Latex Rubber Foam is manufactured through a six-step process, which includes Foaming, Moulding, Vulcanizing, Washing, Drying and then Quality Testing
Foaming Moulding Vulcanizing
Washing Drying Quality Testing
Quality Testing
Our Latex Rubber is passed through various Stringent Tests as Indentation Hardness Test, Ageing Test, Flexing Test and Compression test to maintain the consistent quality. In the above figure it is the Flexing Test in which 2,50,000 strokes are given at 4 strokes per second continuously to measure the loss in hardness and thickness.
Our experience of above 25 years with Latex Rubber has helped us to make several advancements in the quality of Latex Rubber. The Latex Rubber, which we produce for our NEXGEN saddle pads, is of very special kind, which we have developed exclusively for saddle pads as-
Our Latex Rubber is more breathable as it contains bigger air-cells than normal Latex Rubber.
Our Latex Rubber is much more softer and bouncy than normal Latex Rubber and thereby more comfortable.
Our Latex Rubber is washed atleast 3 times dissolving all the impurities and making it completely Anti-allergic than normal Latex Rubber
Our Latex rubber is completely anti-oxidized making it long-life while normal latex rubber very quickly starts corroding reacting with the oxygen in the air.
Our Latex Rubber is pure and contains no fillers unlike the normal Latex Rubber, which contains fillers.